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Spectral HE series HiFi Stands

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Heavy Metal For The Eyes

The ultimate Hi-Fi rack or TV stand arrives in the powerful form of HIGH-END. Big 80mm x 80mm aluminium pillars with extra-thick 19mm oscillation glass shelves are the features which makes HIGH-END really at home when being a home for especially high-grade hi-fi and home cinema equipment. HIGH-END can be further customised with either spikes or double castors at the base and an optional cable channel to keep wires and connections under control.

Room For A Big One

One of the most common restrictive aspects of enjoying high-end audio are stands or racks with a lack of generous space. HIGH-END shelves, with a width of 51cm and a depth of 55cm provide enough space to accommodate large power amplifiers and other quality components. 

Shelf Life Imitates Art

HIGH-END delivers some of the thickest glass shelves ever seen in hi-fi furniture. Constructed from a series of glass plates, bonded together to create a thick slab of non-oscillating glass. Vibrations are dampened and eliminated and music sounds crisp, clear and detailed as an end-result. The edges are incredibly precisely cut, chamfered and smoothed by hand and comes in three luxurious options; Clear, Black or Matte

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