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Ex Display Roksan Oxygene 30 Xerxes Design Turntable including Evolution Carbon ToneArm and XPS-7 Power Supply and Goldring 1042 MM Cartridge in excellent condition, complete with box, accessories and full warranty.  

Beneath its elegant and minimalistic appearance, the new Roksan Oxygene 30 turntable is a highly innovative design for high-end vinyl replay. It borrows many aspects of its design from the industry renowned flagship Xerxes 20+ to ensure reference standard performance and effective use of isolation and decoupling. 

Matching the striking modern design aesthetics of the stylish top-end Oxygene range, the Oxygene 30 is a complex multi-layered plinth in a ‘four-piece’ design with a new, large-mass mounting block for housing the motor. The central objective behind the multi-section plinth is to isolate the record playing surface, arm and cartridge from external vibration that can result in performance degradation. Between the plinth sections there is high-quality isolation materials for tuned decoupling. 

The high quality, two-piece platter utilises a solid aluminium alloy inner and outer platter which - when the two-sections are fitted together- becomes totally dampened and resonant-free. Like the Xerxes 20+ the spindle cap can be removed once the record has been centralised, which further reduces the possibility of bearing noise transmission. The Oxygene 30 comes supplied with the external Roksan XPS-7 power supply/speed control. 

The stunning new Roksan Oxygene 30 turntable represents perfectly the ethos behind the Oxygene range. The overall design is a compact yet highly resolved and substantial product that oozes quality. Stylish and simplistically pleasing to the eye, it employs advanced technology to ensure the highest quality audiophile performance expected of a top range Roksan product.  

Key Features:

Minimalist, elegant aesthetics
Superior craftsmanship and construction
Advanced isolation technology
Fitted with Pro-Ject 9CC Evolution tonearm
Four-piece, multi-section isolated plinth design
High quality two-piece aluminium alloy platter
Motor isolation on separate, large-mass mounting block
Supplied with Roksan XPS-7

Technical Data:

  • Nominal Speeds: 33 / 45 RPM
  • Main Bearing Ball: Super Precision Tungsten Carbide
  • Main Bearing Housing: Solid Phosphor Bronze
  • Platter: 2 Piece, Non-Resonant Aluminium Alloy
  • Structure: 4 Section Plinth Design 
  • Isolation: 4 Level De-Coupling 
  • Motor: Custom Made 24 Pole Synchronous
  • Pulley: Solid Aluminium Alloy 
  • Belt: Precision Ground Neoprene 
  • Motor Mount: Isolated Large-Mass Mount 
  • Dimensions: 450 x 350 x 110mm
  • Weight: 11kg


Ex Display Roksan Oxygene 30 Xerxes design Turntable with Goldring 1042 Cartridge.

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