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Dali Opticon Vokal Mk2 is a speaker designed to fit in the centre of your home cinema system. It is the final and arguably the most crucial component to your set up, especially in serious home systems, as it delivers a superior level of performance to provide absolute quality front end audio.

It combines immense low frequency bandwidth, dynamic accuracy with extraordinary detail and clarity that arises from the use of a dedicated midrange driver.

Dali Technology

In keeping with the Opticon Mk2 range the Vokal Mk2 is fitted with a 6 ½" low-loss Wood Fibre Woofer, a 29mm Hybrid Tweeter module and front end reflex port. This combined with its size is designed to produce audio quality that is powerful enough to be used with Dali's top of the range Opticon 8 Mk2.


Unlike the rest of the range, the Opticon Vokal MK2 uses front-mounted reflex ports. These allow the speaker to be placed in most Hi-Fi furniture or against a wall without affecting the performance.

Great Look

Rather than outsourcing cabinets, Dali produces the Opticon cabinets in-house, along with all the other components. This means the Dali Opticon range is 100% Dali so you can be ensured that there is great quality and consistency with all their builds.

Their solid cabinets are designed for low levels of resonance giving low distortion and help to promote a natural sound. And the Vokal Mk2, like the rest of the Opticon range, comes in three finishes, satin black, tobacco oak and satin white.

Speaker type

- Speaker: Centre

- Placement: Shelf or stand

- Distance From Wall: 0 - 30cm

- Enclosure Type: Bass Reflex


- Freq Range (+/-3dB): 47 - 30kHz

- Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m): 88dB

- Nominal Impedance: 4?

- Maximum SPL: 109dB

- Recommend Amp Power: 30 - 150W

- Crossover Freq: 2400/14000Hz

- Crossover Principle: 2 + ½ way


- HF Driver: 1x29mm Soft Textile Dome

- MF/LF Driver: 1x 6½" Wood Fibre Cone

- Bass Reflex Tuning: 44Hz

- Connection input(s): Single Wire


- Accesories: Manual, Rubber feet

- Dimensions (HWD): 201 x 435 x 312mm


- Weight: 10.6 Kg

Dali Opticon Vokal Mk2 Centre Speaker

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