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Origin Live Illustrious ToneArm.

This tonearm sounds astonishing, compared to Origin Live arms further down the range, and its commercial rivals. The ground-breaking design, and meticulous attention to detail results most noticably in an improvement of bass performance. However as always, when you go higher in the Origin Live range, every other aspect improves, notably definition, deep  powerfull bass, transparency and dynamics.

The result is a tonearm that has been widely acclaimed as a performance benchmark. Both reviewers and enthusiasts love the Illustrious for its outstanding bass power, superb dynamics and consummate musicality. It has supreme transparency too, allowing the finest cartridges to be used. Few designs better this brilliant device.

(Cartridge not included!)

Illustrious Features:

  • Hybrid arm tube, composed of 5 materials for superb energy dissipation
  • Ultra low friction dual-pivot bearings for sweet, precise treble performance
  • Dual-Pivot floating vertical bearings decouple the armtube from the deck, reducing coloration
  • Higher mass Yoke than the Encounter results in a high definition tagible sound, particularly in the bass
  • High strength aircraft alloy headshell for increased dynamics
  • Superb quality copper conductor plugs eliminate signal degradation
  • Integral VTA adjustment

All Origin Live products are hand built to order - Origin Live is a privately owned British company with a fanaticism to reproduce music as played originaly, live – hence the name Origin Live. We design and manufacture in house which has many advantages for innovation, production costs and quality.

Origin Live Illustrious ToneArm

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