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Wharfedale Aura 1 Speaker is a two-way, 100 Watt, bookshelf unit with an innovative ribbon tweeter. The Aura AMT tweeter delivers breath-taking high-frequency definition. It does not use a conventional diaphragm but a folded assembly with embedded conductors. Also, the matching bass/midrange unit has a woven glass fibre cone and rubber surround to give a greater transient response. The cabinets are available in black, white, or walnut and have curved edges to reduce resonances. Each is lacquered and makes the Aura range a beautiful addition to any room. Finally, custom designed stands are available.

Aura AMT ribbon tweeter
The AMT ribbon tweeter used by the Wharfedale Aura 1 Speaker does not work in the same way as most ribbon tweeters. In fact, it uses a folded diaphragm that sits in an intense magnetic field. Conductive elements are embedded into the folds and move the entire assembly.The result is a highly accurate treble with extremely low distortion and a remarkable dynamic ability. Unlike conventional tweeters, the diaphragm does not move backwards and forwards and is not constrained by the diaphragm's mass.

Aura speaker cones
The Aura range, including the Wharfedale Aura 1 Speaker, features a Bass /midrange driver that matches the performance of the tweeter. The Aura 1 has a 5”(130mm) driver that has a high-performance woven glass fibre cone. This is used in conjunction with a highly flexible rubber surround. Additionally, the voice coils that drive the cones are immersed in high-flux magnetic fields. Fine control is achieved by using copper-clad pole pieces. Next, the speakers feature a die-cast aluminium chassis. The chassis is mounted to the cabinet by using six high-tensile bolts.There is also a rubber trim ring that stops any resonance from occurring. The frequency response is 48Hz to 23kHz and the cabinet is a bass reflex design with a port in the bass.

Aura crossover
The crossover is an important part of any speaker and Wharfedale was one of the first companies to use such a circuit. Notably, the crossover is used to split the audio spectrum into bands. Each band feeds a different drive unit with the appropriate frequency range.The drivers are optimized for bass, midrange, and treble. However, not all speakers have a midrange unit. The Wharfedale Aura 1 Speaker is a two-way design with a crossover at 2.9kHz. Many hours of listening tests are used to optimize the crossover and only the best audio grade components are used.

Aura cabinet
The quality cabinet is a work of art and is available in black, white, and walnut wood veneer. Each cabinet is lacquered and polished to create a beautiful piece of furniture. Moreover, the smooth curves are not just attractive but perform a function. They prevent undesirable reflections from any sharp edges. Next. The cabinets are made of different types of wood that reduce any chance of panel resonance. This construction is known as PROS (Panel Resonance Optimisation System) and also prevents any leakage of sound from inside the cabinet.

- General Description - 2 - way Bookshelf Speaker
- Enclosure Type - Bass Re?ex
- Configuration - 2 - way
- Bass Driver - 5" (130mm) Black Glass Fibre Matrix Cone
- Midrange Driver -
- High Frequency Driver - 27mm * 90mm AMT
- Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m) - 86dB
- Recommended Ampli?er Power - 25-100W
- Peak SPL - 103dB
- Nominal Impedance - 6Ω (8Ω compatible)
- Minimum Impedance - 4.1Ω
- Frequency Response (+/-3dB) - 48Hz - 22kHz
- Bass Extension (-6dB) - 44Hz
- Crossover Frequency - 2.9kHz
- Cabinet Volume (in Litres) - 16.5L
- Dimensions (mm) -
- Height (on Plinth) - 386mm
- Width - 246mm
- Depth (with Terminals) - (300+52)mm
- Carton Size - 640mm x 425mm x 510mm
- Net Weight - 12.5kg / pcs
- Gross Weight - 26.5kg / ctn
- Finish - Hi-gloss Walnut, White or Black

Wharfedale Aura 1 Bookshelf Speakers

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