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Wharfedale Aura 4 Floorstanding Speakers are a testament to precise engineering and quality craftsmanship. Boasting a Bass Reflex enclosure type and a 3-way transducer complement, these speakers are designed to deliver accurate and detailed sound reproduction. Featuring dual 6.5" (150mm) Black Glass Fibre Matrix Cone bass drivers and a 4" (100mm) Black Glass Fibre Matrix Cone midrange driver, along with a 27mm * 90mm AMT high-frequency driver, these speakers offer a wide frequency range with exceptional clarity.

With a sensitivity rating of 89dB and compatibility with amplifiers ranging from 30W to 200W, the Aura 4 speakers are suitable for a variety of audio setups, from modest systems to more powerful configurations. They maintain a nominal impedance of 4Ω (8Ω compatible) and a minimum impedance of 3.1Ω, ensuring compatibility with various audio equipment.

The speakers' frequency response spans from 37Hz to 22kHz (+/-3dB), delivering a balanced and immersive audio experience. Additionally, a bass extension down to 26Hz and a crossover frequency of 475Hz and 3.3kHz contribute to their impressive sound quality. Standing at a height of 1107mm, with a width of 286mm and a depth of (350+52)mm (including terminals), these speakers are designed to fit seamlessly into your living space.

Crafted with attention to both form and function, the Aura 4 speakers are available in hi-gloss finishes of Walnut, White, or Black. With a net weight of 24.5kg per piece and a carton size of 505mm x 425mm x 1255mm, with a gross weight of 26.5kg per carton, they are built to withstand transportation and provide a reliable and high-quality audio solution. The Wharfedale Aura 4 Floorstanding Speakers focus on delivering exceptional audio performance, making them an excellent choice for discerning listeners.

Enclosure Type: Bass Reflex
Transducer Complement: 3 - way
Bass Driver: 6.5" (150mm) Black Glass Fibre Matrix Cone x 2
Midrange Driver: 4" (100mm) Black Glass Fibre Matrix Cone
High Frequency Driver: 27mm * 90mm AMT
Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m): 89dB
Recommended Amplifier Power: 30W - 200W
Peak SPL: 107dB
Nominal Impedance: 4Ω (8Ω Compatible)
Minimum Impedance: 3.1Ω
Frequency Response (+/-3dB): 37Hz - 22kHz
Bass Extension (-6dB): 26Hz
Crossover Frequency: 475Hz, 3.3kHz
Cabinet Volume (in Litres): 4.8L, 67.2L
Height (on Plinth): 1107mm
Width: 286mm
Depth (with Terminals): (350+52)mm
Carton Size: 505mm x 425mm x 1255mm
Net Weight: 24.5kg / pcs
Gross Weight: 26.5kg / ctn
Finish: Hi-gloss Walnut, White, or Black

Wharfedale Aura 4 Floorstanding Speakers

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