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At the heart of the ClearAudio Satisfy Kardan tonearm is something quite significant: Direct wiring, which allows the audio signal to travel uninterrupted

and unimpeded along one single continuous path from cartridge to preamplifier.

What’s more, thanks to a pre-mounted aluminium headshell, the azimuth is a breeze to align. Anti-skating? Equally effortless, yet reassuringly precise. Magnetically adjusted, it is then fixed in place with an easily accessible locking screw neatly positioned next to the tonearm bearing.

The vertical bearing features a polished tungsten spindle embedded in a meticulously balanced sapphire bearing (the latter is also used by Swiss clock manufacturers – which gives you an idea of its accuracy). The two horizontal bearings are crafted using an exceedingly strong and durable ceramic material.

Strong and durable it may be, but the Satisfy Kardan has also been designed for flexibility - in that it is combinable with a wide range of turntables and cartridges, allowing you to incorporate it

into your current system with ease. Whether you opt for the silver, black aluminium or carbon fibre edition, the Satisfy Kardan will get direct to the heart of your music.


Construction details:    Radial tonearm with magnetic antiskating
Material:    Aluminium (black/silver), stainless steel, tonearm tube made of aluminium (black/silver)
Cartridge Wight range:    2.5g - 17.0g
Overhang:    17.12mm
Total length:    305.00mm
Effective length:    239.12mm
Moving distance:(Tonearm pivot to spindle)    222.00mm
Offset angle:    24.02°
Wiring:    1.1m Clearaudio Direct Wire PLUS terminated with RCA
Weight:    Approx. 490g (incl. counterweight)

Clearaudio Satisfy Kardan Tonearm

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